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Now you can tell your friends and family to download Global Shopper and start earning money every time they use the app at their destination.  Don’t worry, it won’t cost them a thing.  Actually, they will get the best deals anywhere they travel and you will earn from Global Shopper Partners.   Share Global Shopper deals with your friends and family, make sure they use your Special Deals Code Number you will automatically be assigned when you download your version of Global Shopper Deals.

Here’s how it works:

  1.  You download the Global Shopper App from iTunes or Android stores and remember your account number.
  2.  You tell a friend to download the Global Shopper App.
  3.  You have them sign up and enter your referral account number in the “special code” field on the top of their signup form.
  4.  Every time they travel and use the App at any of the stores in the Global Shopper marketplace, you will receive a percentage of the money they spent at that establishment.

Start getting paid today for referring travelers.  Sign up today by filling up the below form, and we will be in touch.



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